Evidence Management

Ensure justice. Retrieve evidence quickly, compliantly and collaboratively.

Our digital evidence management platform will undeniably secure more successful prosecutions, while eliminating excess time, effort and costs spent on trial preparation. With reliable and incontestable video evidence, PDQ Vision helps ensure more successful outcome, iron-clad cases.

Our streamlined management software makes retrieving sophisticated evidence simple and efficient with intuitive search functions. Evidence can be accessed and shared quickly and efficiently to authorized recipients, such as law enforcement officials and prosecutors.

PDQ Vision evidence management

Our Evidence Management features include:

  • INTUITIVE INTERFACE for ease of managed access and efficient usability
  • ACCESS CONTROL with real-time detailed audit trail
  • INTELLIGENT REDACTION of video and audio
  • SOURCE-TRACKING WATERMARKS to determine source(s) of distribution
  • SECURE SHARING for protected distribution control
  • SENSITIVE VIDEO TAGGING for subject matter, age, etc.
  • GRANULAR ACCESS CONTROL & RESTRICTION to sensitive tagged content
  • IRON-CLAD DATA SECURITY with annual Independent Security Audit
  • PDQ SECURE® for compliant database archive