Data Storage

Defend truth. Secure video evidence.

In-dash and body-worn cameras can generate an enormous amount of video on a daily basis.  Our storage platform offers safe, secure CJIS compliant hosting with in-transit and at-rest encryption, vulnerability identification and threat remediation. Safeguarding collected evidence is paramount.

We have over 30 years’ experience in innovative technology solutions and we are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service, 24x7x365.

PDQ Vision provides an iron-clad level of security, while maintaining flexibility and convenience with customized access controls, authentications and permissions. PDQ Vision also includes features to ensure the integrity and authenticity of video evidence. User reporting and integrated auditing logs the ‘who, what and when’ of each evidence file, thus ensuring that every access point is compliantly documented for chain-of-custody requirements and proof of authenticity and integrity.


pdq vision docking station

Our “Integrated Auditing for Compliance” features include:

  • Alert when a device is connected with no video
  • Alert when a device has not been connected within a specified amount of time
  • Alert when the correlation of CAD or RMS events are missing
  • Built-in auditing and expiration of cloud-based sharing